Friday, August 13, 2010

chak! i'm back :)

wow..lamanya x bkk blog..hehee :D
neway,thank u for people dat drop by..sorry reply msej lmbat guys :p

sooo many things happened since i'm not writting dis june,i'm having t10 exam which is seriously stressful (result tau dis month,lg stress -_-'') then mama gi vietnam la,now mama kt dubai sebulan..thank god i already had a licence (shame to say,but dis is so true) so leh la jenguk2 umah..skrang pun dh fasting month,later dh raya..feels like time is too short! kejap je dh nk sept,n later dh nk year end kn? :o neway,life must be go far my life is ok but it just dat sometimes i feel lonely..xpe2,mama nk blk dh end of dis month,can't wait to get new t-shirt mama beli kt sana :D

skrang ni sorang2 kt umah,sis xblk dis weekend..later on nk beli mkanan ngan bie <3 nk mkn ape yek harini?

haven't decide yet :p

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